Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association

Established in 1986, their overall global objective is to improve trading partner relationships in the extended retail supply chain, resulting in improved product availability to the consumer.  VICS pioneered the implementation of a cross-industry standard, Quick Response, simplifying the flow of product and information in the retail industry. 
3 levels of membership:

  • Sponsoring Member (one-time fee $1500-$7500, $1000-$2000 annually)
  • Associate Member (one-time $7500-15,000, $2000 annually)
  • Trade Association Member (one-time $1000, $2000 annually by invitation)
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Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Established in 1963, CSCMP offers networking opportunities, educational resources, research, and insight into real-world best practices. 
Publications include:  Supply Chain Quarterly, Journal of Business Logistics, Annual State of Logistics Report.


  • $295 for annual membership (individuals only, no company memberships)
  • Associate membership $150 (30 or younger)
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Coalition for Transportation and Productivity

A group of more than 160 shippers, carriers and industry associations that are committed to increasing gross vehicle weights on interstates from 80,000 to 97,000 pounds for an additional axle, improving the utilization of existing equipment. 
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