Cargohopper is a logistics system that is designed to deliver packages from a Cargohopper Distribution Center to tight downtown areas, where congestion is a challenge. The system employs an electric vehicle with three trailers that can do the work of 5 to 8 delivery vans. 

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C.H. Robinson White Paper on Inbound Transportation

C.H. Robinson published a white paper that identifies the early decisions necessary to begin an inbound logistics process. The motivation for the white paper is that many organizations optimize their outbound process, but few apply these same principles to the outbound process. 

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Metrocargo Videos

The Metrocargo system is patented by an Italian transportation company and models the operation of intermodal transport without the modification of the trucks and containers, illustrating how the handling time can be reduced, allowing quick movement of cargo on/from trains. 

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2010 Transportation Procurement Benchmark Study:  Leveraging Automation to Manage Market Volatility

American Shipper and Retail Industry Leaders of America (RILA) surveyed approximately 200 transportation buyers and sellers on their procurement practices, processes, and technologies. The goal of the study was to identify the best practices of companies that excel  in the following areas: 

1) keeping freight rate increases < 10% from 2009 levels, 2)  effectively measuring price, service and risk associated with carrier bids, and 3) implementing awarded contracts within two months.  Key findings from the report include the following:

  • Companies are moving away from manually managed transportation procurement (based on a comparison of the 2009 and 2010 survey results).
  • There is a correlation between centralized buying practices and the ability to keep freight rate increases in check.
  • Companies with automated procurement practices are more likely to consider all aspects of a carrier's bid (not just pricing).
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GS1 RFID Projects

The scope of a project with LG, Dinet and GS1 Peru was to collect all information about activities in the warehouse, from requirement picking to delivery of goods.
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Excel uses RFID to improve efficiencies in its container handling facilities through the integration of EPC Gen2 RFID tags into an application for yard management.
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Palletized Freight Trains

The German government is funding research for a palletized rail service that would reduce traffic congestion and improve the environment.

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Multimodal Study in China

According to research on the standardization of container transportation in China, container standardization is the key to successful integrated transportation.  The factors contributing to the lack of standardization are:  disunity among different sections of transport, a lack of EDI standards, a lack of standardization among all countries, a low rate of adoption of the international standards already in place, and the high operational costs associated with complying with standards.

    Title:   Research on the Standardization of Container Transport Based on Integration in China    

    Authors:   Yacan Wang, Yihong Ru, Teng Jia, Qian Chen

    IEEE Conference on Service Operations & Logistics, and Informatics;
    Nov. 25, 2008;    pp. 2920-2924


Physical Internet Manifesto

The Physical Internet Manifesto aims to exploit the Internet metaphor so as to propose sustainable and progressively deployable solutions to the way we transport, handle, store, realize, supply and use physical objects around the world.

Physical Internet Manifesto

U.S. & North America Trade and Freight Transportation Highlights

Growth in U.S. merchandise trade with Canada and Mexico highlights the increasing demands on infrastructure and transportation facilities at key gateways.


National Transportation Statistics 2009

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics presents data on transportation's contribution to the gross domestic product.


Warehousing in North America - 2007

This report presents a summary of market size, major 3PLs, and benchmarking prices and practices of the North American commercial warehousing market.


Market Statistics and Future Trends in Global Packaging

This publication presents a summary of global packaging market statistics.


The Box That Changed the World

This book gives an illustrated history of the last 50 years of container shipping.

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Design and Implementation of an Interactive Optimization System for Network Design in the Motor Carrier Industry

This article describes the design and implementation of an interactive optimization system for routing freight over an LTL network.


    Authors:  Warren B. Powell and Yosef Sheffi

    Operations Research;
    Vol. 37; Jan.-Feb, 1989; pp. 12-24.


Large-Scale, Less-than-Truckload Service Network Design

This article presents a formulation for the service network design problem in the context of large-scale, LTL freight operations.

    Authors:  Ahmad Jarrah, Ellis Johnson, and Lucas Neubert

    Operations Research;
    Vol. 57; May-June 2009; pp. 609-625.