Global Packaging Project

The Consumer Goods Forum has completed the first phase of the Global Packaging Project (June 2010) that defines the indicators (definitions of the measures) and metrics for packaging in the context of sustainable development.  The second phase of the project is to complete pilot projects to validate the defined indicators and metrics.
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MH10.4 Packaging and Environment

MH10.4 serves the US interest in gloabal packaging standards.

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Packaging Changes

Packaging changes can deliver an average 10-percent reduction in the total cost of packaging, warehousing and transportation.
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Five Factors Driving Package Size

Overall package size (for typical consumer electronics) is driven by five specific product design parameters:  product size, product ruggedness, product orientation, location of accessories, and wieght.
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Cube Utilization Software

Two software solutions for cube utilization are CAPE and TOPS.
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Cargoshell, a European company, has developed a collapsible container made from composite material that is much lighter than a steel container, resulting in a considerable reduction in CO₂emissions required for transport.
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