Hershey and Ferrero Collaborate on Supply Chain Operations

Two of the world's largest candy makers are partnering to share warehousing and distribution facilities, as well as truck capacity, in order to reduce their carbon footprint in North America.
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2011 North American Horizontal Collaboration in the Supply Chain Report

EyeForTransport conducted a survey of shippers, retailers, 3PLs and other companies during January and February of 2011 to determine the extent to which North American companies are using horizontal collaboration in the supply chain.
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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is leveraging the supply chain to drive growth by partnering with its retailers. Kraft is using a number of tools and programs to deliver supply chain savings for retailers, including an aggressive program for taking out transportation costs for both sides.
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Colgate-Palmolive Logistics

According to the U.S. logistics director of Colgate-Palmolive, co-shipping, logistics campus types of operations, and other collaborative efforts have been paying big dividends.
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Getting to Grips with Collaboration

The SupplyChainStandard.com posted an article that highlights a "Supply Chain Standard" Roundtable discussion on collaboration.
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Freight Matrix

Freight Matrix software supports decisions regarding logistics planning through "what-if" analysis, transportation planning and procurement, inventory analysis, and Transportation Bid Collaboration software for negotiation of transportation rates.
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Kane is Able

Kane is Able is a 3PL company focused on collaborative distribution that helps companies warehouse and distribute goods throughout the U.S.

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In the following video, Kane is Able highlights the environmental and financial benefits of collaborative distribution, a strategy that's revolutionizing the distribution of product to the market.

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GS1 Labeling Project

Two large cosmetic retailers in Spain partnered to launch a chain of retail stores.  The previous product distribution solution consisted of direct delivery from the suppliers to the retail outlets (via a multi-standard labeling system).  The new solution used GS1 labeling where parcels are delivered by a required date using multi-supplier pallet consolidation.
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GXS is an e-commerce company with a "cloud computing" platform for information flow in the supply chain.

Nestlé and Mars Project

Competitors Nestlé and Mars partnered with each other to synchronise their deliveries to three of Tesco's DCs in the UK.

Nestlé and Mars


Red Prairie's Transportation Management Solution utilizes pool points and zone skipping so that shipments can be routed through the pool points using multiple carriers.

Ryder's Logistics Release

Ryder System, Inc. received at patent for Logistics Release, a web-based tool for manufacturing supply chains that pools data from shippers, carriers and consignees.  Instructions are grouped for type of pallet, stacking requirements, truck requirements, time window for shipment and time window for delivery. 


Texxi illustrates the concept of collaborative distribution through its Transit Exchange solution that began as a high-technology taxi share scheme in the United Kingdom. 
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